KünstlerInnen und ExpertInnen im Dialog über die Corona-Krise https://allesaufdentisch.tv

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Fellner! LIVE – Interviewing Eva Herzig

OE24.TV, Fellner! LIVE

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„Eine andere Freiheit“ – Watch the movie

Im Dokumentarfilm „Eine andere Freiheit“ sprechen Ärzte und Wissenschaftler, Künstler und vor allem auch betroffene Jugendliche ...

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Shooting start for “Letzte Bootsfahrt”

Eva Herzig starts filming the crime movie "Letzte Bootsfahrt".

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"The Oresty. Identity and Vengeance" - Kultur.Sommerfrische Puchberg

Kultur.Sommerfrische Puchberg am Schneeberg, von 4. bis 27. Juni.

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Eva Herzig © Nadja Klier

© Nadja Klier


From 1990 to 1994 I studied acting at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and from 1991 I was attached to the Burgtheater in Vienna, taking the tough decision to move on in 1997 in order to pursue new challenges. This journey took me to Berlin for the next eight years, performing on stage in, among other cities, Zurich, Basel and Bonn while at the same time making feature films around the world. Then I became a mother, learning something new ... but what remained unchanged was my love of life in all its facets ... my love for the moment!

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